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Configure electronic load using LabVIEW



I am very new to labVIEW. I would like to control the GW Instek PEL-500 Series Electronic Load from my computer. How do I go about connecting it to my computer using LabVIEW because the GW Instek website gave me a labVIEW driver download for this instrument. I would like to configure the hardware using the NI MAX, I think. The GW Instek instrument has a USB type B port. Can I just connect it directly to my computer and then configure the instrument using NI MAX? Do I need an instrument control device?



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NOTE:  I am assuming the driver you were given is using VISA.


You can just plug in the instrument through USB and the instrument will show up as a resource in MAX.  In LabVIEW, put down a VISA Resource constant or control and use the drop-down to select the proper resource.  You can then use the driver VIs you were given to do whatever it is you need the instrument to do.

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