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Chroma 61505 Ethernet

Hey everyone,

I am doing a team project for my university  in which I should use the Chroma 61505 via Ethernet. The problem is, that I dont know first off all, which of those Initializing drivers to use.  I looked up the help manual of Chromas but it doesn't quite help because with either Initialization blog, first of all, there is no TCPIP option showed, and second of all if that option is at least indicated in the help menu, like in the vi I used for this example, it doesn't work using the proposed syntax. I achieved to install the chroma on NI MAX and to ping it via comand, but it only showes the error:
Error -1074135040 with Chr61XXX Init
Driver Status:  (Hex 0xBFFA0000)

I used the driver provided by Chroma on this homepage 

I use Labview 2018 32bit version with all other software updated to earliest level

It would also help me if someone could provide me just the right order of VIs to use for ethernet with maybe even the ethernet configuration.


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