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Communication with MFC P4B via RS485


I have a MKS Type P4B Digital MFC and I want to communicate with him via RS485. I don't know how to understand a 'Command Specification RS-485 Interface MKS Types P4B Digital Mass Flow Controllers' because there is something like this:


In this specification is information 'This message structure resembles with the one used by DeviceNet protocol' so I installed DeviceNet 15.0 and I found examples, but I still don't how to write this command.


Can anyone help me and tell me how to fill these controls?


1) Basic Examples -> PXI & PCI -> Explicit Messaging Write Read





2) Legacy Examples -> Windows -> DeviceNET PCI Legacy




or any other idea how can I communicate with my MFC P4B via RS485?

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Is it ASCII or modbus RTU?


Maybe you can use the 'Devicenet EXplicit Message' block you have to build a message which you can put on the RS485 bus using the NI VISA.

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Just viewed your post.   The format is similar to dnet but that is all.  It is still just rs485   I needed to help someone thru it and provided a crude program that worked which is attached here.   A  lv expert could undoubtedly reduced it to fingernail size.  Also, display dependent so probably have to move things around.

This format of the rs485 for p4 was cust specific.   There are other mfcs in the p + g series with very simple ascii cmd/resp you would find much easier 

Good luck


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