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Future Discussion Topics and Presentation Ideas

As a group, we discussed a number of future topics to include for the next user group meetings and so this discussion topic is for anyone to add other ideas, requests or topics they would be most interested in or perhaps to help present / lead.

  1. Hardware Related LabVIEW Programming - What are many of the common pitfalls or gotchas when dealing with hardware for a project that need to be understood and addressed when building LabVIEW solutions.  Things like:
    • Windowing and filtering
    • Grounding and single/differential connections
    • FFT, sampling, oversampling
    • Noise, signal level detection
    • etc
  2. SQLite for LabVIEW - How to use and implement database storage solutions with SQLite toolkit for LabVIEW.
  3. UI ergonomics - Various topics and tips for streamlining UIs
    • UI Nuggets from Barrie - Handful of tips of various how to tricks with UI elements, control customizations, etc
    • Subpanels - for use as modules, plugins, reusable UI segments
    • Resizing - How to build resizable panels with splitters, docks, snapped content, etc
  4. Queued Message Handlers and Actor Framework
  5. Design Patterns - When and where to use em and choose em.
    • State machines
    • Producer/Consumers
    • Queue driven / event based patterns
    • Command patterns
    • Class based
    • etc
  6. Designing and Managing large projects
    • multi - developer environments
    • large modular systems
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Just added a couple more topics from ideas at the meeting last night.  Please, add others if I missed any that were brought up.  You can reply here to add any, I'll update the top list.

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