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VISA TCP Socket Problem on Raspberry Pi

I have three items on the same network. 

1: LabVIEW Development PC 

2: Raspberry PI

3: Ethernet DAQ Device


LabVIEW Dev PC can connect to and deploy code to Raspberry Pi. 

LabVIEW Dev PC can connect to DAQ device using VISA  (TCPIP0::XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX::34434::SOCKET) and read data. 


Raspberry Pi can Ping the DAQ device.


Again, running the DAQ VI on my Development PC works as expected.

PROBLEM: If I change the target to the Raspberry Pi and execute the code, the code errors out with "VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF0011) Insufficient location information or the device or resource is not present in the system."


Any thoughts on why this is happening? Could the Raspberry Pi be blocking the port?


Thanks in advance for the assistance. 

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I assume that you pinged the DAQ from the Raspberry Pi from outside the LabVIEW chroot.  I am not sure if this may be the issue but maybe the issue is with the setup of the LabVIEW chroot and not the Raspberry Pi itself.


Maybe do a quick test to see if the a LabVIEW program running on the Raspberry Pi can see your development PC.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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Thank you for your reply. 


Using the "System Exec.vi" I was able to ping the development machine from LabVIEW running on the Raspberry Pi.


I was not able to make the VISA TCP IP Socket work properly from the Raspberry PI. The work around was to use the TCP Palette. I was able to open a TCP connection to the device and communicate directly of TCP. In my case, I could not get VISA TCPIP Sockets work on the raspberry pi.


Side note: I am able to use VISA when using the Raspberry Pi serial port. 

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