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Not all functions of toolkit available

After installing the Hobbyist Toolkit, I found that I only see the "Toolbox" but not the other features in LabVIEW.

Even uninstalling and reinstalling several times didn't change anything.

What could be the reason for this or how can I fix the error?


The first screenshot shows the current situation at my PC, the second one is the instructions from NI itself. 


Screenshot how it looks like at my PCScreenshot how it looks like at my PCScreenshot InstructionsScreenshot Instructions

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If you are using LabVIEW 2024 Q1, try installing the patch (look in the Updates tab in NIPM) that was released last week.  The bug fix list mentions this kind of error.

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I am using LabView 2023Q3. Do you recommend using LabView 2024Q1 for usage of the hobbyist toolkit?

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