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Linx+Arduino Wrong frequency output of digital square wave generator



  I am going to use linx to program a stepper motor control VI. The stepper motor driver I use is A4988 and TB6600. The stepper's rotating speed depends on the frequency of pulse inout to the driver, so i use a digital square wave generator in linx to attain this request.

But now the output frequency 60Hz(which is shown in an escilloscope) is not identical with the frequency 1Hz I input in my VI. I do not have any idea about this problem.


I am asking this question on behalf of someone else, any input is very much apprecated.

 square wave test.PNGswtest_1.PNG

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The LINX firmware calls the Arduino tone function.  

Here is a link to more information 



It's possible that other channels may allow a lower frequency.  It would depend on the microcontroller on the Arduino board.

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ok thank you

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