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LabVIEW Community Edition with a Slice of Raspberry Pi

Howdy everyone! I'm so pumped about LabVIEW Community edition!!


To help kick everything off I've created a series of LabVIEW projects that build on each other and are designed to show you basic LabVIEW concepts and programming techniques. I make heavy usage of the excellent content already created by NI and the LabVIEW Community. So in addition to seeing how to create an alarm clock, you'll be introduced to the various forums and content locations where you can learn and ask questions. 


The projects and NI Packages are available at the LabVIEW Community With A Slice of Raspberry Pi bitbucket repository  This landing page has a full description of everything you'll need.


The lessons build an alarm clock with snooze capability and are:

  1. Simulation
  2. Add Hardware
  3. Time
  4.  Hardware Input
  5. Encode A Message
  6. State Machines




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Hello, I'm happy to see your share, Now I have a Problem , Hope get some helps, It is:

I use LabVIEW 2020 Community Edition to control raspiberry pi4, I find use  demo to control digital output... konw the reason 



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Unfortunately, I don't understand your question. Can you please clarify?

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can you help me please about pi connect with labview?

I try to coonect and I do it. You can see below my motion VI  under the LINX 


  But I want to  trigger other vı with  signal that I can read from pi and this is my cam VI that I want to take foto with signal from motion VI. The cam is webcam, but I cant do this. 



Thank you. 







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@rabia, the Vision toolkit is not something that will run on a Pi. You'll want to look into trying to get OpenCV running (perhaps look into QWaveOpenCV) or using other software such as mjpg-streamer or the pi's utilities directly though you'll need the ssh/chroot trick described at https://blog.digilentinc.com/using-the-chroot-ssh-trick/


The Pi is a pretty limited target when it comes to the larger LabVIEW development ecosystem.

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