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LINX Arduino Digital Input Pull-Up resistor

Hello everyone,


There is one thing that bothers me, namely - is there any option to set the pull-up resistor using LINX firmware to control Arduino? I have to check the signals comming from the buttons and without this pull-up resistor there is a lot of noise and in generaly this is useless. 


I thought that maybe it could be done just by setting this up by Arduino IDE, but than when I try LabVIEW to control Arduino and would like to check those digital inputs it looks like basic functions of LINX overwrite those setups previosly uploaded to Arduino.


Is there any solution to this case? I mean software solution. I think about using another Arduino to control just those buttons with Arduino IDE software and passing those signals to the main Arduino which controls the rest of the program.


I would be really grateful for any response and for any tip.



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No, current Linx has no provisions for changing the state of digital pins beyond their direction.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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I understand, thanks for your reply. 

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