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How to use Linx with a serial converter


I am trying to use linx to access an I2C ADS115 ADC via an FT232H serial converter without the hassle of using python and an arduino or something. All the linx VIs seem to be designed for specific devices and I couldnt find a generic one. I have made the attached VI which so far doesnt work due to some error with the com port recognition. I was hoping to access a geophone this way and call the data from my main VI. Should be simple.

This is the error message I get, but the firmware wizard expects a arduino or similar device.


"Please make sure that the LINX firmware is loaded on the device (Tools>>MakerHub >>LINX>>Firmware Wizard) that there are no other open connections to the device, then check the configuration settings, and try again.

If this error persists please search, then post on the LINX forums at www.labviewmakerhub.com/forums/linx"


I have all the correct drivers installed for the serial converter and tested it with puTTy. Can anyone give me clue what I should be doing to make this work? I am running Labview community 2022 Q3 on windows 10


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