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How to use Labview CE 2020/2021 to write to an LCD Display with an Arduino

Hey all,

I've been trying to figure out how to use LabVIEW Community Edition 2020 (or 2021) to write text to a 16x2 or 20x4 LCD display wired to an Arduino Uno or Mega. Can anyone point me to a tutorial, website, or any information on this. I've been searching for days but can't seem to find the right info.


My displays have the I2C/SPI daughter boards, but I can run without the I2C/SPI board. I've tried to run the LIFA code shown below without the I2C, but the text fails to print to the LCD. Somehow, I think there needs to be a sketch uploaded to the Arduino to interface LIFA code with Labview. The LINX Firmware Wizard doen't seem to support LIFA.


I'd rather do it with LINX using I2C/SPI as I believe LIFA is relatively old at this point. Any help would be appreciated.



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I have exactly the same problem, if someone know, please it will be helfull thansk in avance.

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