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Graphics of G WEB DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE in Chromiun

Dear, I hope you are all well.

Let me tell you that I am trying to make a web application with G web from "https://www.mediamongrels.com/make-ing-with-labview-raspberry-pi-part-4-user-interfaces-with-labview -nxg-webvis / " and with which to make a GUI in my Pi, but I find myself with the difficulty that when I add a graphic to the "Panel" and then open the "index" in Chromiun, it does not show the graphic, yes the rest of the indicators and controls.
When opening the same "index" in Chrome, the graphics do appear.
Please if anyone has already dealt with this and was able to fix it, I would greatly appreciate your sharing.

Total thanks

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I have not run into this as I have only used Chrome to access my web VIs.  I would post this question to the Web Development forum as I assume this has more to do with specifically Chromium and the web VI then the target you are running the web VI on.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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