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Connection between Arduino Nano and LabVIEW possible, without running LINX firmware wizard every time?

Hi everyone,


I'm super new to LabView as well as Arduino.

So please have mercy with me if I don't understand everything you suggest, recommend or ask and if I have to ask about probably "simple" stuff.


My task is to control a pump via LabView, because the rest of the entire project, where my pump is just a little part, is controlled via LabView.

Problem number one is, that the pump can only be linked to a platform (named QuadKEY) made by the producer of the pump.

This platform is a combination of two microcontroller. One is a specific one from the producer which runs the pumps (QuadOEM) and the second is an Arduino Nano which controls the first one.

The communication between these two microcontroller works with I2C. The Arduino Nano is the master and the QuadOEM is the slave.

I now did a little program in LabView where I can control the frequency, voltage and on / off state of the pumps. Therefore I create the necessary information in an array which is linked to the I2C Write VI which gives the information to the Arduino Nano I guess which in turn sends this information to the QuadOEM which then runs the pump.

Overall this isn't really the problem anymore, because I already solved all of this stuff and it works fine, but I think it is an important description of the next problem or question.


The point is that it only works if I run the LINX firmware wizard everytime after I restart LabView.

If I just close the VI and open it again it works without running the firmware wizard again but if close LabView completely it only works if I run the firmware wizard.


My question now, is it necessary to run the firmware wizard every time after LabView was closed?

I already tried to upload the LINX code for Arduino Nano manually via Arduino IDE but the VI still doesn't work without running the firmware wizard.


Moreover everytime I try to run the VI without the firmware wizard, first I have no communication between LabView and Arduino and the VI freezes so that I can't even stop it with the "stop" button of the while loop nor the "Abort Execution" button of LabView.

Only closing the VI works and then LabView is resetting the VI (see picture) which takes quite some time.

Resetting VI.jpg







I hope you understand my problem / question and I would be very happy for any answers, suggestions and recommendations.



If needed here you can find the data sheets for the pumpQuadOEM and QuadKEY.

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I second this question.

Do I have to use the firmware wizard every time? Can the wizard be used as a sub-vi maybe?

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