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Broken dialog to install Labview wn Rpi

Dear, I hope you are all well.
I annoy you because when I try to install labview on my Rpi from Hobbyist I get a broken VI as a dialog box. Attachment screenshot.
What will be the problem?
I wait and thank you very much.

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This has nothing to do with the rpi, but indicates that this VI cannot be compiled.

If you press the broken run button, it will tell you why it is broken. Please post the entire message you get.


If you look at the diagram, do you notice anything unusual (broken wires? missing subVIs? etc.)


I suspect you did not install certain drivers!

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Thanks for the reply.
I attach an image of the diagram where you can see broken cables.
In the help it says: "you have connected two clusters that mismatch"

I also attached an image of the list of errors.

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