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error code: -1074126845

error code: -1074126845

I am programming a PCI-5105 with LabView, using NI-Scope functions. However, I receive the following error message either in my read_cluster function or in my initiate_acquisition function.



Maximum Time exceeded before the operation completed.


Status Code :-200284"



I think this comes from my configuration settings because when I replace all my configuration functions by auto_configure function, it works well. However, I cannot determine which parameter in particular is making it not working.


Anyone knows where this comes from?


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Re: error code: -1074126845

Hi maggotsBrain,


I searched for that error and found this KB.  Does this help?

Error 1074126845 Maximum Time Exceeded Before Operation Completed




National Instruments
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Re: error code: -1074126845

This is an appropriate link, thank you Smiley Wink

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