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Git natively integrated in LabVIEW?

@Taggart wrote:

Honestly the short answer to your question is don't bother integrating SCC within the LabVIEW IDE. […]

Agree with that. You can live without even if you are missing neat little things like the SCC status of all VIs shown in the Project Explorer.

But it's a disgrace for NI anyway not to integrate the de facto industry standard for SCC.

It's like a text programming language that says: "Why should I support a text editor? There are nice third party workarounds tools out there!".

That said:

I tried "git4G" which integrated well and supports all important operations. As it happily lives beside TortoiseGIT and Bitbucket (most GIT-tools I know of don't interfere with each other) it's a nice supplement if you really want IDE integration.

It's not for free but very affordable

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