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Every time i close debugger tool i have message "Please save" but like is in read only i can't.

To solve this, I have modify to read-write this file property. It seem than lots (all ?) Goop files are read only. I'm not sure than it's good if we want recompile them ?

LV2018 -GOOP4




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Did you install it using VIPM or did you use the Installer_*.vi?

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Last version of VIPM. After looking in VIPM i see than i have Open GDS and NI-GOOP installed. I decide to remove all and reinstall only OpenGDS using VIPM. Now if i take look in Open_GDS, i see than all vi's are in read only like previously.

Is-it better to install it through "Installer_.Vi" ?

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I always use that installation method because it's faster, but if VIPM has an east uninstall feature. OpenGDS has a build in uninstaller in the About dialog.


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