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NI failed HTML messages



Every gviweb has the following in the html: <div id="ni-outdated-browser-message" style="display:none">This browser is missing features needed to run this web application. Open this web application in a supported browser.</div>
<div id="ni-failed-to-load-vireo-source" style="display:none"> <div id="ni-failed-to-load-vireo-message-title">Unable to load resource file <div id="ni-failed-to-load-vireo-message-body"> Verify all WebVI files are available and served using an HTTP server or use a browser that can load files directly from the file system. See <a href="http://digital.ni.com/express.nsf/bycode/HOSTWEBAPP">Hosting a Web Application on a Server</a> for more information.


My site http://bionichaos.com/ works fine but search engines show some of this text below the site's name. Couldn't find more info on this, is it safe to remove or replace the message text?


Thank you!

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It should be. I'd just empty the text and leave the div in case there isn't good error handling about that ID no longer being present.

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