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How to deploy a simple G Web application to a wordpress server

I am evaluating G Web to create web apps that can be deployed to a server using wordpress.  The web application example provided in "Getting Started with Web Applications" creates a folder containing the main html file with lots of associated files contained in numerous folders.  It would be nice to know how to deploy all these files to a wordpress site.  Does anyone know how to go about this?

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I'm not specifically familiar with how wordpress servers are configured. My guess is that wordpress is integrated with a web server, such as the Apache Web Server. In general I would find what web server is being used and then find how to host static files on the web server. The built G Web Web Apps are standard HTML, JS, and CSS static files. As stated in the Hosting a Web Application on a Server topic, you may also need to "configure a 3rd party server to support the application/wasm MIME type for files with the .wasm file extension."

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