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Datagrid Customization (Masked Input, change font, hyperlink)

Hi Folks,


Is there a way to further customize the datagrid per column.

For example:

- change string to masked input type (for user account setting)

- change font for specific column

- create hyperlink

Thanks & Regards,
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You can configure the Content font for a column in a DataGrid by selecting the column and configuring its Content font setting in the Properties pane:




- change string to masked input type (for user account setting)

- create hyperlink

As of G Web Development Software 2022 Q3, masked input and hyperlink are not supported column types of the DataGrid.


Another pattern that may be valuable is the "master/detail" pattern:

  1. Use a tree control to show a list of items
  2. Use selection events of the tree control to wait for an item to be selected
  3. When selection changes, show more details related to the selection such as hyperlink controls, masked input, etc.

A benefit of that approach is not being restricted to control types available in the DataGrid / Table and being able to provide a rich item editing experience / more interaction options.


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