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VirtualBench Support?

Are there any plans to make FlexLogger compatible with VirtualBench?

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Hello MGould,


At the moment we do not have any plans in FlexLogger to support VirtualBench. However, we will always continue to evaluate what products to add support for in the future and will be sure to record what feedback our users have. I was wondering if you could provide any additional insight into this application and the interest you have with the use of VirtualBench to provide us more context for this question. Feel free to send me a personal message about this if you would you would like to go further in-depth removed from the thread.


Best Regards,


Tommy G.
Product Manager - Search, My Account, and Chat
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Well, it's just that the VirtualBench has so much functionality and we would meet a lot of the general purpose DAQ we normally do with an O-scope.  The scenario that we were looking at using the VB and Flexlogger for was that we want to capture data on the voltage across a motor that is being lifetime tested.  The voltage on the motor is outside the range of alot of the c-series DAQs but the VirtualBench can handle it.  We were hoping we could have flexlogger take scope shots every so often and give us a plot of the voltage required to drive the motor over the lifetime test.

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Hi MGould,


Thank you for getting back to me with more detailed information about the use case of using VirtualBench with FlexLogger. Out of curiosity, what are the voltage levels you are looking to acquire and at what rate?

Tommy G.
Product Manager - Search, My Account, and Chat
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Hello, I was also hoping that NI would provide better support to Virtual Bench in general, such as Flexlogger connectivity.


If not fully compliant, wouldn't it be a good opportunity that someone at NI develops a neat Flexlogger Plugin for VirtualBench ?


One stone two birds, you give a great plugin example to developers even though the templates are already nice.


It would increase appeal to both Flexlogger and VirtualBench products, the plugins could help automate tests in general using oscilloscope, DMM, PSU and even signal generator could be integrated.




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