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Standard deviation calc with flexlogger plugin

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Similar to 'RMS' and 'Mean' formula channels, I'm trying to create one that shows the standard deviation of a mapped channel.


Some success, I can create a plugin for one but ideally I want to be able to have, say, 5 channels each one mapped to an input.  The 'Process.vi' is successfully retrieving an array of 1 channel but if I create more than one in the 'Initialise' vi I can't get any output from any channels.


Working plugin attached, grateful to anyone who can help me do this for more than one channel, otherwise I would have to create an instance of the plugin for each channel I want to show the SD of.


The dynamic channel example in the manual is kind of complex for me.  I'm happy to hard code an array of, say 10 channels, and pause the ones I don't map.


Or if the solution I've got is the most sensible to use, just creating a new instance per channel tell me.



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Here's an updated Plugin based on the "Dynamic Channel Number" described in the FlexLogger Plugin Development Kit Manual.


Hope this helps,


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Thanks Brad, this solution works OK for one channel but if I increment the channel count an error appears which unfortunately I can't see in Flexlogger.  This is similar behaviour to my own attempts.

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It works for me. I am using FlexLogger 2021 R1 (release Dec 2020). I attached a video of how I am using it, so let me know if you are doing something differently. I also modified the Process VI as shown below:


I was getting timestamp errors when I was trying to use the t0 from the waveform, so see if this helps.

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Thanks for this - I've persevered and get the same as you.  Pausing and unpausing a channel made a difference.  The calculated output is sampled at a lower rate so I'll have to deal with this to stretch it back, but I can take it from here.  Will also have to better understand the setting of the window over which the SD is presented - seems to be input channel rate / 10 for now.

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Try calling "FlexLogger\SDK\PluginSDK.lvlibp\PEFClasses\SDK\Plugin\Set Plugin Timing.vi" in the Initialize.vi and set the timing to On Data Ready, or Periodic to better control when the Process.vi is called.

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