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Power and Voltage Readings

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I am very new to using Flexlogger as my lab used a lot of Fluke DAQ systems but are currently switching them out for newer systems as Fluke has stopped supporting that system.  I am doing some motor testing and have configured my thermocouples, amp transducers, and pressure transducers for my testing.  I have been having some trouble figuring out the power and voltage transducers on my NI 9923.  I am using CR Magnetics transducers for this, power being CR6220-250-5 and Voltage being CR4520-500.  When inputting them into Flexlogger I put the Voltage in as a Voltage option, using the table option of 0-500V and 0.004 to 0.020A, as my values.  My power is (250*5*SQRT(3)) as my motor is a single-phase motor. I have checked all the connections and they seem to be correct.  And have had my lab tech also check them over to ensure that I have them correctly connected.  I have said all of this because both Voltage and my Power are reading as being maxed out.  I am wondering where I went wrong in my input of the power and voltage.  Neither myself nor my lab tech have any experience with NI outside of using thermocouples for readings, any help with this problem would be extremely helpful.  

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NI-9923 is just the terminal block.

What is the model of the module installed in the cDAQ?

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NI-9207 is the one it is plugged into and what is on the cDAQ

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Both of your transducers are outputting current signal of 4-20mA DC. You should configure NI-9207 as current input in FlexLogger.

Besides, NI-9207 requires an external power supply to connect the current transducer. See How to Connect a Loop-Powered Current Transducer Using NI 9207

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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