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DaqExpress and Matlab interface problem

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First of all, this is a question about DAQExpress. I hope this is the correct forum.

I am trying to create a MATLAB Interface and want to introduce it in my VI Diagram to link it to my program. However, I cannot do that (The interface is created but when I try to drop it in de diagram it says "you cannot place this item on the diagram". I am following the instructions in the online manual for daqexpress 3.3, more precisely the page "Calling matlab functions and scripts", but I cannot introduce it in the diagram (step 7 in the manual). I have defined the function and the arguments. Any tip on what can I be doing wrong?

I attach the files.

Thanks in advance,


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Accepted by topic author LAPadron

Hi Luis, 


Unfortunately, this is not the correct place for DAQExpress questions. 

Please repost your question here if you still have the problem. 


By the way, thank you for sharing your source code. It helps others to reproduce the problem with the source code. If you have a screenshot of the message you are seeing, that would be even more helpful. The error message sounds like a compatibility issue. 




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Thank you,

I moved it to here

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