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Convert a TDMS file into a CSV following the same CSV file format and Data-rate as Flexlogger

Hi everyone,


So I recorded a test in Flexlogger and had the data exported as a CSV file at a specified data rate. I happened to somehow lose the CSV file and now I'm looking to replicate that CSV file in DiAdem using the TDMS File. 


Now I did attempt to convert the file in DiAdem but the CSV format isn't the same and it's missing the timestamp when compared to how Flexlogger saved the CSV file.

I'm wondering if there's a way to open a TDMS file in DiAdem and then convert it so it follows the exact same CSV file format and data-rate as it did in Flexlogger?

The reason for it needing to be in the exact format is due to automated post-processing of the data.


I also looked at manually exporting the file into a CSV from within Flexlogger's Data Tab but I've already changed the name of the file resulting in the file being "(missing)" or "(Upload failed)."

Is it possible to upload a data file into the flexlogger project?


Happy 4th,


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