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Announcing FlexLogger 2019 R2

FlexLogger 2019 R2 is now released and available for download.


Many new features have been added to expand measurement capabilities and help extract key insights from your data. These include:


Hardware Support

  • FD-11634 (FieldDAQ IEPE Sound and Vibration)
  • FD-11601 (FieldDAQ Voltage Input w/ Powered Sensor)
  • NI 9866 (LIN input - slave support only)
  • USB-8506 (LIN input - slave support only)
  • CAN output supportExpand your Test Coverage in Any Environment with New FieldDAQ Devices and FlexLoggerExpand your Test Coverage in Any Environment with New FieldDAQ Devices and FlexLogger

Filter Calculated Channels

Configure lowpass and highpass filters to draw more accurate data insights during your test by reducing the effect of external interference and noise. These new calculated channels can be applied to any channel and are saved to your log file alongside the raw data.


Filter Calculation.png


Custom User Notes

You can document personal observations during the test with the ability to add timestamped notes to your log file. These notes help provide additional context when reviewing your data.

FlexLogger Note Combination.png

Other Enhancements and Performance Improvements

  • TSN synchronization indicators and feedback
  • No limits on Slow/Medium/Fast/Digital sample rate configuration
  • Pull-up resistor support and threshold voltage support for the NI 9361
  • Powered sensor support for the FD-11601

Learn more about these and other new features at the FlexLogger ReadMe and download the latest version from ni.com


Anjelica W.
National Instruments
Product Marketing Manager
FlexLogger and TestStand
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