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rms value measurement?

I tried to measure the rms value of a small ac signal ( 6v rms, 50 Hz)
using [c]FPAI-100 module.
The control rate was selected between 1ms-10 ms.
But the rms value output using Basic dc rms .vi  was not a constant value. But simply the magnitude of individual samples and the constant rms value (6 V) was not obtained. How to solve it?
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Hello Elue,

Thank you for your post. However, you have started several threads with the same question. Please use the following thread as the primary one:

Please refrain from making multiple posts with the same question in the future. We make this request so that all pertinent information be consolidated in the same location and also so people do not spend time answering a question that has already been answered. Thank you for your understanding.


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   how do we measure rms value of  voltage or  current signal when used in control and simulation loop.

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