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how to find FP information without using IAK file programatically



i want to find the FP complete information(devices and channels) without using IAK file.

the only thing i know is IP address of FP module and the module is connected to my system using cross cable.

can this be done programatically.

plz anyone know about this will be appericiated.




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is there any method to create an IAK file (without using Measurement&Automation Explorer) programatically the only information is IP address of FP.




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Hi Mazhar,


There is no way to create the IAK file pragmatically. It can only be created from MAX.


If you want to get the current configuration from the FP, you can add it to a new project and then save the project. The directory where you saved your project will contain the configuration of the FP in an IAK file.


Note that all of this means you must use the IAK file to do configuration of the FP. Is there a reason why you do not want to use the IAK file?



Stephen B
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