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error during application build


I'm getting this error when I try to build my application. This is a new LV 6.1 installation on a new computer (I upgraded).

Error 26071 occured at Build >> Dist Call Create >> Win install ?? win install Add >> MSI DK  Add

Possible Reason:

Windows GetCommError: The hex value of this code is x65D7

can anyone shed some light on this error. This app builds fine on my old system. When I installed LV on the new system I installed with all options etc just like I did on the old system.


P.S. A note to the developers. I would be REAL NICE if these error messages were displayed in an edit window so they could be cut and pasted rather than me having to type them. Maybe this has been addressed in a newer version. i know mine is a little old at the moment, but it serves the purpose.  Just a thought anyway, thanks again.

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Hi Sloppy,

Here is a link to a KnowledgeBase Article that describes this issue.  Please review this document, and see if it fixes the issue you are seeing.

Also, it may be more beneficial to post LabVIEW errors on the LabVIEW Discussion Forums.  There are more LabVIEW users on that forum, and it is more likely that you will get your question answered in a timely manner.  You should still use this forum for you FieldPoint questions though.
Ching P.
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Thanks very much. that solved the problem.

i will take your advice about posting as well

thanks again.

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