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developing embedded solution for adaptive MPC using fieldpoint 2010

I thought of controlling a plant
using using Fieldpoint2010. My main aim is to develop a stand alone embedded solution for adaptive model predictive control (which is a
very complex algorithm (..quadratic optimization..)) which can run
without any computer. I downloaded a small program for generating a sine wave into the FP hardware.
The program occupied 65% of the memory inside the fieldpoint.
Now im getting doubt that whether is it possible to implement the above algorithm using
this hardware. Please suggest some solution.
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How are you determining the memory consumed?  If you are using 'Operate' -> 'RT Engine Info'
from the development environment, be aware that the OS consumes a significant portion of
the memory.  On a cFP-2010 here, with a 1.4MB startup.exe installed but not running, RT Engine Info
returns Total Memory: 32379K, Free Memory: 23801K.  We have gotten some pretty complex algorithms
to fit with room to spare, although nothing with quadratics.  Try checking the memory with nothing
downloaded to compare vs. your sine algorithm.  Let us know what you find.

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