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cFP modules not accessable

We are using cFP based system at one of our client site. It has following

cFP - 180 based ethernet module and 8 slot chassis .It contains TC-120 (1
no) ,
Sg-140( 2 nos) , RTD 122 ( 5 nos.) modules. We are not able to communicate
modules since last few days. In MAX it shows the error message " The module
item addressed does not exist ". The ready LED on all modules is not

What could be issue ?

Please give us suggestions how to solve the issue.
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Please check the DIP switches and make sure that IP reset switch is not ON.

If it is ON then switch it Off.


Check IP address of your computer with default gateway. 


Reset the IP address with switching ON IP reset DIP switch, boot controller then again switch off the IP reset DIP switch. Again reboot and try to get configured in MAX.

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