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cFP-AI-100 aquisition rate

Hello everyone,
Im not really familiar with hardware specifications or how to look for them. I have the following requirement to meet:
"Signal conditioning shall not cause a relative phase shift of more than 2 milliseconds among the recorded channels."
I assume that this means that the time difference between taking the first channel reading and last channel reading cannot be greater than 2ms?
Can I achieve this with a cFP-AI-100, cFP-2010 when recording data from 7 channels?

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Hi David,

The delay between channels can be calculated by taking the "All Channel Update Rate" (amount of time it takes the module to run Analog to Digital conversion on all channels) and dividing it by the total number of channels on the module. The cFP-AI-100 has an All Channel Update Rate of 2.8ms, and 8 channels in total, hence the interchannel delay is 2.8ms/8 = 0.35ms

Specifications for FieldPoint Analog Input Modules

The following tutorial is helpful in understanding how FieldPoint applications can be benchmarked:
Benchmarking LabVIEW Real-Time FieldPoint Systems

Lesley Y.
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