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Upgrading from FieldPoint FP-1000, FP-RLY-420, and FP-DI-330

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Looking to upgrade my modules without having to change anything else.  We run Macs with LabVIEW, connected to the FP-1000 modules through an ethernet-to-GPIB converter, and then through a GPIB-to-RS232 converter.  I'm looking at the NI 9482 to replace my relay modules, the NI 9437 to replace my digital input modules, and the NI cRIO-9074 to replace my FP-1000's.  Will I be able to put all of these in place and still keep the rest of my hardware/software intact?


Also, other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, either for NI hardware or any other company that you guys might use for your applications.  Thanks.

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I don’t think transition from FP to cRIO would be as smooth as replacing modules alone. Based on the information provided you will need to address following things


1. cRIO is a new platform and there are lot of differences in the SW back-end. You will definitely need to do some code re-architecture to adapt your application to cRIO


2. Which version of LabVIEW are you using? MAC support is not as wide spread as Windows and therefore you will need to double-check if minimum required software (LabVIEW Real-time and NI-RIO driver) is supported with your MAC OS. 


cRIO can definitely support all the functionality you desire (and much much more) but bottom line is that your application will need software overhaul.



Miro T.

National Instruments

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Thanks for the reply.  As for LabVIEW, I'm currently running 2013 SP1, and I have the upgrade available for 2014.  I'm fine with doing a software overhaul if I have to, as long as my other hardware is still valid for passing the signal from the computer to the chassis.  A more specific question about the chassis:  I'm really just looking for something simple that can receive an RS232 signal and pass commands to the appropriate module.  Is the NI cRIO-9074 my best optin, or should I go with something else? 

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Accepted by topic author sullivnc


After checking on OS software compatibility I realized that MAC OS puts lot of constrains on your choices.


If you end up going with cRIO you will need LabVIEW Real-time module and NI-RIO. Both of them are not supported with MAC OS


I think another good choice would be an expansion chassis such as NI-9146 or NI-9149 + modules. 

I’m not too familiar with your application but if software overhaul is required wouldn’t be beneficial to simplify your setup to only ethernet connection?

LabVIEW real-time module is not required for expansion chassis but NI-RIO is, which brings us to same obstacle as above.

Have you consider running bootcamp with Windows on you MAC? I think that would open up lot of choices for you.


I don’t think there is any straightforward solution to have c series modules talk to MAC computer via RS232.


Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions. Not sure if you are aware but you can also call NI representative to discuss product recommendations like this. (888) 280-7645


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