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Measuring Low Frequencies with LabVIEW and FieldPoint Using [c]FP-CTR-500/502

I am trying to use this example in a LabView 8.0 and a Field Point FP-CTR-502 module but without any sensor I get frequency and period values.

Is that possible to use this example with LabView 8.0 or not?

I am trying to use an anemometer Campbel Scientific A100R.

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 What frequency do you obtain? it could be a noise.

If you connect a referenced signal, do you have these values?

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Manuel R
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No... that is not noise. Even when I shortcut direct in the FP terminals I get random values in the frequency. I made the configuration for FP several times to confirm if there were something wrong but nothing works
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Sounds like it could be a floating common/ground loop problem. Are all you negatives connected to the same ground point (including the power supply common)?
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I am sure this is not an electrical problem. Even in the laboratory the displayed data are wrong. We had this anemometer pluged in a weather station an its is working well. Did you tested this program too?
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Did you tried with Measurement and Automation Explorer?

How do you connect the anemometer to your FP? differential mode? RSE? NRSE?


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I realy dont know... what does it means... is supposed to know all this to connect a simple anemometer?

The anemometer acts like a little switch, switching on and off for each revolution.
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You can launch MAX from start\programs\National Instruments\Measurement & automation.

Concerning source signal wiring, you can have a look to the following link :

Hope this helps,

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Is your problem solved?

Do you need more help?


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No, my problem is not solved yet... Smiley Sad

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