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Getting error -1950679035, despite lvlib deployed without problems

When reading shared variables I get the error 1950679035, despite all variables being configures correctly and the lvlib having no problem being deployed correctly. Attached pls find a screenshoot of the GUI and the shared var. monitor. The variable manager will correctly list the process under which the SV are deployed, but its not possible to read/write the values of the SV's. When trying to write to a tag, this error occours "Error 1184 occurred at DataSocket Write in VarMan Write to Variable>Variable Manager"
On the GUI, you will see two tags with green leds, these are configures to direct access in via max to an I/O point.
Any help is greatly appriciated,
søren jensen
screenshooot files are attached as bmp's, please rename.
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Hi Søren,
The error you are seing may be because of an incorrect path under your Bind to Source section for the shared variable.
You may also find this page useful regarding the 1184 error:
Best regards,
Peter Porsman | Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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