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Field point blinking signal



Can someone pls advise me , is there a way to program in block diagram if the blinking signal come from field point ?

In the  attached photo .. there is Green and Orange signal come from field point.. it program as fixed either 0 or 1. Then goes into sub vi for next action..My question is If in case the signal is blinking .. toggle 0 and 1 continuously.. how to do programatically forward the signal to the sub vi for next action..?

Pls kindly advise.


Thanks and Regards,


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What orange light and green light are you talking about?   Are these external lights?


You would need to measure the digital input continuously and determine if the digital input is changing state.


(PS:  Index is array is expandable.  Just drag the bottom border down.  You won't even need to wire up the constants because it will automatically give you 0, 1, ......)

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