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FP 1001 intermittent power loss.

Hello all, I have a cooling tower that is controlled by a set of field points. At any given time, all of the field points will lose power. The power failure can lead to a complete cooling tower shut down, or leave it in an operating but non-controllable state. I see that the FP1001 has an operating temp of -40° to 70° C operating range. In the current environment, ambient temp is high. What happens when the temperature range for the FP1001 or any other module is exceeded? I'm focusing on an overheating issue, as I have checked and rechecked all incoming power without finding any issues.

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I doubt that all of the fieldpoints would lose power at the same time if it was an overheating issue.  I would concentrate on the power supply issue if that is the only thing they have in common.  If power loss is an issue, then you should look at battery backup means to keep the power up.

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