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Error in firmware cFP 2020 & connection time out error in MAX

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My cFP 202O status LED is flashing twice - which indicates that there is an error in the firmware (according to the user manual). I've already installed the latest firmware downloaded from the NI website and it says that I'm suppose to update the OS from remote system in MAX. When trying to update the BIOS system, this comes up.


Version on the remote target : 10.1

Available version on the host : 10.4


I'm a little confused as to which is the remote target and which is the hosting system? It also says that the previously installed software will be removed if update is continued and that it might damage the hardware if manually booted or turned off so I'm a little skeptical to proceed.


I'm alsoreceiving error messages in MAX. Errors in MAX are 'Connected - No software installed' and connection to a remote device timed out. I'm wondering if this error occurs because of the firmware problem or is it because of the timeout settings? Which is better? A higher or lower timeout time?


I'm new with this. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

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The target is your compact Fieldpoint.  The host is your PC that you are on.  Since the PC has a newer version, you will want to have that software downloaded to the cFP by way of MAX.  Of course there is a slight chance you could lose power to the cFP if your luck is bad and the power goes out in the middle of the upgrade.  It would be best to have your power supply for the cFP running off a battery backup UPS for security.


I'm guessing the error is due to your firmware problem.


If you are really uncertain on how to proceed, it may be best if you contact NI directly and they could help walk you through the update process.

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I proceeded with the BIOS update and its looking good! I still need to check a few things since its missing a few softwares from the previous list but at least it seems to be detecting the devices. Thanks  for the advice!
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