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Compact Field Point SOAP

I am trying to use the Compact Field Point cFP-2110 to aquire data from multiple sources and send that data to a web server via an exposed web service. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. The web service is a standard .NET webservice (via SOAP). I am more worried about how to encapsulate the data into the SOAP packet, than trying to aquire it. Thank you in advance.
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Hey Cherrera,
    I'm not too familiar with SOAP, but you can do all standard TCP communication from the FP controller.  Does the SOAP service provide a driver that can be used on Phar Lap ETS OS?  This is what the cFP-2110 is running.

Brian B
Account Manager
National Instruments
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Thanks for your response, however, I believe I have jumped the gun. The first, and very large hurdle, is getting the cFP-2110 to get to the SSL encrypted wsdl of the web service. This seems like it might be a very hard undertaking. I do not know of any driver for this SOAP service. Any advice is welcome.
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Hi Cherrera,

I think that there may be several people in the forum who may not know how exactly one would get to the SSL encrypted wsdl of a web service. Would it be possible to provide a perspective on how one would normally get to the SSL encrypted wsdl of the web service (i.e. perhaps using a standard PC. I think that this sort of information will help us determine if such functionality would be possible with the cFP-2110. Thanks!

Best regards,


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Thanks for your reply. In LabView, in a normal project for a PC, it seems this can only be accomplished by creating an ActiveX script that uses the SSL capabilities of Internet Explorer. I might be mistaken, but I believe this is the case. For a .NET program its just a matter of using the .NET namespaces like System.Net.ServicePointManager and implement the IcertificatePolicy interface.

As a sidenote, I started making my own "HttpWebRequest" type vi. So that it can handle http codes like the 302 redirect and so on. I am working on making an SSL client-type vi for the cFP-2110 (I know this is a beast, but no true embedded computing geek hides from a challenge Smiley Very Happy ). Hopefully, I will be able to integrate my and my to make some sort of SSLHttpWebRequest vi.


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Hi Chris,

If you were to implement this on a PC using LabVIEW, utilizing ActiveX commands to encrypt SSL for Internet Explorer certainly sounds like a promising and feasible method of accomplishing the functionality you seek. However, I beleive that ActiveX is for Windows only. Thus, Field Point does not recognize ActiveX since it has an entirely different OS architecture (PHARLAP).

My suggestion would be that instead of trying communicate with a webserver from your FP, perhaps have a seperate PC do the webserver communication. Then have your FP communicate with this PC; this way, the PC acts like a "translator."

If you still would like to attempt to have your FP communicate with webserver, I believe you'll have to implement everything via TCP. This option sounds like the more ambitious undertaking.

I hope this discussion helps. And good luck!


Emilie Kopp | Applications Engineering | National Instruments

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