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Automatic file generation

What I want to do is write data to a spreadsheet file and have this file named from a user input string earlier in the code ( I am passing all the user inputs through each VI via clusters). For example, one of the user inputs is "Unique Valve ID Number". Therefore when I write my data to a spreadsheet, I automatically want the file name to be the Unique valve ID number without a dialogue box appearing asking me to type this in. I also want the file to be save automatically to a specific location on my network every time.
As a result each time I log a test, the filename will be the unique valve ID number and all the files will be located in the same location.
Can anyone help. (I am using labview 7.1 if anyone is sending in an example good)
Thank you.
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Hi there,
Just in case someone finds this forum and needs a similar answer.  Jamie posted at this location also and it has been answered here.
Applications Engineering Team Leader | National Instruments | UK & Ireland
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