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1808 API - Examples

I am ordering a cFP-1808 to use with a PPC-2015.  Looking at the FP API I see there is a FieldPoint Network on the Advanced>Ethernet Advanced tool palette.
Is it necessary to use this VI to communicate with the cFP-180x units or will the standard FP Read/Write VIs work as well?
Just wondering in advance of receiving the unit.
I did not see any examples when I searched the examples finder for cFP-1808.
Thank you.
Ryan Vallieu CLA, CLED
Senior Systems Analyst II
NASA Ames Research Center
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Hello RVallieu,

You do not need to use the FieldPoint Network Read to communicate with the cFP-1808.  This tool is used in conjunction with the Publish Data functions.  You will communicate with the cFP-1808 the same as with any FieldPoint controller, using the regular Read and Write functions.  The difference is that the application will not run embedded on the cFP-1808 since there is no controller, only a network module.  Using Read and Write, the data will be send directly through ethernet to the host machine.


Clint M
National Instruments

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