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Samantha Module- PLEASE HELP

Hello, this is my first year doing the robotics competition and I am very confused on the Samantha module. I have read all of the information that I can find online and have tried multiple times to get it to work, but still no luck. The wifi does not seem to be connected and I do not know why. I downloaded the .hex programs and put in the networks and for some reason I am still have no luck! Can I use my school's open wifi or do I need to have a different router?

Please help me with any helpful suggestions that you have with setting up the Samantha module. I am getting desperate!

Thank you.

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What do the lights look like on the Samantha? How do you have it connected? Have you been able to try it on a different network to see if it can connect?

The following video shows some good tips. Especially, at the end, it describes how to look for error codes using the NXT brick. If you connect it up and do this, do you see any error codes appear?

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