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Vision Example Code to Labview Dashboard Code

Ok, we're able to run color vision example with USB camera connect to laptop and code runs great.  However, when we copy this code over to our Dashboard project, we're unable to run the dashboard.  Getting a "Error 1055 occurred at Property Node in Panel >Adjust Dashboard >Dashboard"  Can some tell me what I"m doing wrong?

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I fixed my own problem, when i coped the vision code over to the dashboard code, I over wrote the dashboard camera image indicator.  thus deleted the image sizing.  I created another dashboard and created a seperate vision while loop (copied vision example code into it), left the vision example code camer images alone.  Hope this makes sense, but we're working now and using this awesome color processing vision code example on our dashboard.

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Hey swheeler,

Glad to hear that you were able to get this resolved!

Good luck this year!

- Ty P - Applications Engineer - National Instruments

Ty Prather
Technical Marketing Specialist
National Instruments
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