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Talon SRXs and solenoids in CAN bus not responding

All of my Talon SRX's and Victor motor controllers are flashing orange on and off, which means they detect the CAN bus wiring, and so does my PCM (flashing slowly green). However, when I deploy my code and run Driver Station, I cannot get my solenoid or motor controllers to indicate that any signal is being sent from my joysticks. Here is the code from Teleop and Begin that does not appear to be working.

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Make sure you are using the CTRE Phoenix Tuner to update the software in your roboRIO. More information: Prepare Robot Controller.


You can also try running an example and seeing if it works correctly with your devices.


All the best,

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I also see your Grabber Motors and Lean Motors constants are not the same between both VIs. Make sure there are no extra spaces Smiley Happy

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