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Serial Number is not working for all of Labview

Hello, I am from Team 4482 and my Serial number to register LabVIEW is NOT registering everything. I was able to successfully activate a large part of labview by putting in the serial code. However when I put the code into the Base Development System and 7 other systems, the code does not work and i'm greeted with a "invalid serial code." I have never had this problem in the past, past serial codes have always worked for all of LabVIEW before. help.

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Hello MasoniteShadow,


Not every piece of the installed software needs to be activated. Please see Installing LabVIEW for FRC (LabVIEW only) where it talks about licensing of the software. It should look similar to:




Please let us know if this is not the behavior you have.


All the best for Build Season!

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