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PDP Fault

Getting flashing red lights on our PDP and have researched and can’t resolve.  Any thoughts?

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I recommend you check your wiring against the diagram:





You are connecting a CAN wire from the motor controller into a PWM output on the roboRIO, instead of the CAN terminals.


All the best,

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I see the problem, the thing with the Victor SPX is that the Green and Yellow Wires are NOT CAN Wires, those are actually the PWM Wires, and you have two pairs (2 green and two yellow) because they were supposed to be for different ports (one pair green and yellow male and the other pair female) but it seems you cut the cables, but the point is that both yellow are connected in the same node, and same with the green wires, so what you guys need to do is to take ONE pair (one yellow cable and one green cable), and plug it into a PWM in the Signal (S) and ground ports (I don't know which one goes to which right now).

Taking that into account, the PDB is never connected to the RoboRio, nor it needs to be connected to the motor, the PDB needs to be connected to the RoboRio with direct cables in the RoboRio CAN port

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It should be like this, you would be left with a unused PWM pair:


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For clarity, anywhere Teravolts says "PDB" you should replace that with "PDP"

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