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Is LabView available for rookie FRC teams?

I'm starting a new team for the 2019 season. LabView looks like it would be a good choice of programming language for our first year. Regardless of which language we end up using, we need to start learning and practicing ASAP. As a rookie team, we don't have an installation disk or a serial number, since we've never received a Kit of Parts. If there any way to get permission to install Labview on a few computers in the Fall semester so we can be ready to use it in the Spring?

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Hey adampaskowitz,


Since the serial numbers come in the KOP they won't be available till the season starts. In the mean time I think it would be useful to to reach out the FRC community around you as you could learn from them and use their development setups as well. LabVIEW does have a simulation mode for learning, but working with a physical controller will also be really helpful for the season comes as well, which is another reason to reach out.


If you that isn't possible you could call NI directly and explain your situation and see if they can help further. Also be aware that this line is usually only staffed officially during the season and for RMAs.


Support Number: 866-511-6285

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National Instruments
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Following up here, that line has a bit broader scope than just RMAs during the non-build season.  Activations are another type of issue, which this likely fall into.


adam, you're free to engage with other local teams and in fact that's highly encouraged for reasons other than help with the software.  They can provide a wealth of experience beyond just the idea of helping get software activated.  They'll also be an amazing resource as your team pushes through hurdles learning how the grind of a season surprises you.  If you reach out to the support team, they can look into the viability of finding a spare SN from last season to help your kids out.


Be aware there will be a new software suite for the upcoming season that would require a new installation (and recommend uninstalling older versions).  The number posted prior is a good point of contact for that.

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