FIRST Robotics Competition Documents

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Getting Started


(but you can still use the links below)

Our fancy new page will be up by kickoff!

Technical support question? Post it to our FRC forums here! We monitor these year-round.


Getting Started

Download FRC 2017 Software and Setup Guide


roboRIO Details and Specifications

  • roboRIO User Manual and Specifications Documents
  • CAD Models
  • MXP Developer's Guide


FRC Training Material and Resources

  • Basics of an FRC System
  • Concepts for Programming and Building Robots
  • Bringing Your Robot to Life


FRC LabVIEW Quick Start Guide

  • LabVIEW Basics
  • Vision, PID, and Simulation Resources
  • Advanced Programming Resources


Setting Up and Imaging Your roboRIO

  • Communicating With roboRIO
  • How to Image roboRIO
  • Additional Troubleshooting



LabVIEW and roboRIO Training by our partner, Intelitek


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