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Write .txt file to TDMS - One or Multiple Columns in LabVIEW

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This VI can be used to take a .txt file and convert the file to a TDMS file.


TDMS files are files that can be used to store data that we would like to analyze. Since this file format combines the benefits of several data storage options, we might want to convert a .txt file into TDMS to use some of the available tools to see and analyze data. For example, we can use the TDSM Viewer or we can use the TDMS file with NI DIAdem.


LabVIEW Base Development System (or compatible)


Steps to Implement or Execute Code
1. Select which .txt you would like to read from
2. Run this VI
3. Select a place to save your TDMS File
3. Use the TDMS Viewer to see the values in the TDMS file.

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how about labview 2011? certain function are different so this block diagram failed to convert

Active Participant
Active Participant

Made a LV 2011 version, thanks!

Kyle A.
National Instruments
Senior Applications Engineer