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Set cRIO Programming Mode With a Python Script

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    Operating System

  • NI Linux Real-Time

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  • Python

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This example shows how to use the NI System Configuration Python API (nisyscfg) package to read or set the programming mode of modules in a cRIO device with the NI Linux Real-Time OS. This can be useful if LabVIEW is not the main programming language being used in an automated test scenario.


How to Use

  • Running nisyscfg requires the NI System Configuration software to be installed in the cRIO. Refer to Adding or Removing Software on Linux RT Targets for information on how to add/remove software. 
  • The nisyscfg package supports CPython 3.5+ and PyPy3.
  • To install the nisyscfg package you can install python-pip first from the cRIO command line and then use it to install nisyscfg:
    1. opkg install python-pip

    2. python -m pip install nisyscfg

    3. If the previous line errors out, you can try using "sudo easy_install pip==9.0.3" instead.

  • The attached files are named get/set property, as not only the Programming Mode can be changed with this method. The API files, like properties.py, shows other available properties.

Additional Information

You could also leverage a similar script and execute it remotely using SystemLink salt states. If included in a SystemLink custom salt state, the state can be defined as:

  - name: python <script_location>
  - runas: admin

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